The Zika Virus and How AVON can Help


Have you heard the recent ‘buzz’ about the Zika Virus? The Zika Virus has recently become part of mainstream news.  As if it wasn’t bad enough we are inundated with information every summer with the West Nile Virus. Its a double whammy this year as we are faced with both Zika and West Nile!     No one likes to be bit by mosquitos and as we speak, mosquito season is in full effect.

Skin So Soft Bug Guard 05-16

The best approach is to be prepared and proactive and prevent mosquito bites with AVON’s infamous Skin So Soft Bug Guard products.  Many of the Bug Guard Products ~ Expedition (shown above), Water Resistant, and Picaridin are on sale for up to 50% off the regular price.

Skin so Soft Towelettes

My favorite product is the Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus with Picaridin Towelettes (shown above).  They come in handy for hikes and beach days.  Simply search on Shop by Product on my site and enter the name of product.  For direct help please email me at or reply to this post.

Here are some FACTS about the Zika Virus directly from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC): 

  • There have been over 500 travel related confirmed Zika cases in the US (the most in New York City)
  • The Zika virus could be transmitted sexually with an infected person
  • The CDC suggests avoid contacting the virus by avoiding mosquito bites
  • The Zika virus is dangerous for pregnant women
  • The Zika virus is considered a Public Health Emergency – it is very serious – avoid mosquitos (see below)

As with any disease or virus the best way to help is through  PROTECTION.

Protect yourself today with AVON’s SKIN SO SOFT Bug Guard Collection.

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