Own your own Beauty Business


“If you can DREAM IT – you can DO IT” – Walt Disney

Welcome. Thank you for taking the time to visit.   Did you know that you that you can own your own beauty business for a small investment of just $15.00 in less than 15 minutes?  I am currently looking for five members to join my AVON team.  As an independent sales representative you can make your own hours and run the business on your own time.  My favorite part about it is I love AVON’s skincare line and AVON products.  I get my favorite products at a discounted price, and depending upon my sales, at times for free.

Here are some other highlights, AVON business owners have the opportunity to:

  • Have a free AVON website, where customers buy products directly and credit goes to you!
  • FREE training and unlimited support
  • Scholarship opportunities and discounted college tuition 
  • Group insurance rates
  • Preview product discounts
  • Set your own business hours
  • Unlimited EARNING potential

Building a team with AVON is exciting and rewarding.  As an independent sales representative with AVON, I am impressed that I can simply log on my AVON representative site and manage my entire business.

Join my team today and start sharing the AVON business opportunity with others and watch your business grow.

If you have any specific questions about the AVON business opportunity please email me directly at danarockauthor@gmail.com or respond directly to this message, I will respond within 24 to 48 business hours.

If you do not want to sell you can still buy AVON products

SHOP with me 24/7.


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