AVON Campaign 15, Introduces ANEW Clean

Campaign 15 Cover

AVON Campaign 15 started yesterday, June 18th and will run through July 1st :).  I am excited to announce AVON now has a clarisonic face cleanser.  I’ve been waiting for this. AVON just introduced the new ANEW Clean product line along with the facial cleansing brush.  I’ve just ordered two products from AVON’s ANEW Clean product line for my skincare routine.  The ANEW Clean products come with a cleanser for every skin type – normal/dry, normal combination, oily combination.  Its important to use a product targeted for your specific skin type for better results.

Here is a must see review of AVON’s vibrating cleansing brush:

Just today I had a conversation with my mom about why cleansing your skin is so important, especially in the evening to remove makeup. AVON’s vibrating cleansing brush has a special introductory rate of $24.99 which is a Campaign 15 price.  It will be $40.00 in future campaigns so get it now!

  Highlights of the cleansing brush also known as, clarisonic are:

  • More effective cleaning, up to 5x better than using your fingers
  • Faster exfoliation
  • Increases the absorption of your other products for better overall results
  • Fine lines and pores become less noticeable

Cleasing Brush

For quick reference, the cleansing brush item # is 559-608.

AVON Campaign 15

Get one today for your specific skin type — for the special AVON Campaign 15 introductory price of $5.99 each.

Pssssst, I even found a FREE Shipping Code that works for any order amount.

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