Val’s Favorite AVON Product


Written by 

Dana Rockwell 

Hello beautiful. Thank you for stopping in.  So many positive things have happened since the last entry.  I was able to begin building an AVON team with many motivated women. AVON is an excellent company to work for as well as purchase quality beauty, fashion, and skin care products from.  There are so many benefits.

I’d like to introduce one of my team members Val.  Val works very hard at her business. We met through an AVON twitter party that was during the last Spring, early Summer.  From day one she has been motivated and enthusiastic about AVON.  Val is an avid blogger, a busy mother of two teens, is employed, and sells AVON.  Did I mention she also loves sports?

I asked Val to share about her favorite go to AVON product:  If I were told to place my final Avon order and only one product could be chosen, aside from the heart palpitations and deep sadness I would initially experience, I could hold my head high and keep a confident smile until the last drop of Always Apple Extra Lasting Lip Gloss was gone. I do like all the color choices for this product but having fair eyes, fair skin, fair hair I need the brightness Always Apple provides. I work in a busy high school office and this gloss isn’t very thick and wet once it sets (so it is non-sticky) but it has pigment power and lasts for many hours! I reapply after lunch to brighten back up and that takes me into the night despite the fact I talk, for a living.

AVON products rock.  You can shop with VAL 24/7 –

Visit her store here:  Val’s AVON Store

Thank you for stopping in, I hope to provide more information very soon.


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