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Dana Rockwell

Hello Beautiful!

In order to be successful one must be consistent.  I’ve  made a goal to start sharing one social media posting per day whether it be to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn. Consistency has began to pay off as I am beginning to get Direct Delivery orders from customers all over the United States.  I’ve decided to perform some helpful research for my representatives, fellow independent sales representatives and so forth to determine the best times to post on social media to increase customer reach.

In doing so, I found the best times to post on social media for five of the popular sites.  My last sale came from Twitter and it was posted during the suggested time between 1 pm – 3 pm.  Experiment with the times below, see if they work and comment with your feedback.


One of the beauties of being an independent AVON representative is being able to market the business through social media marketing for free. Its as simple as posting.    The product ships directly to the customer through the AVON warehouse.  The independent AVON representative doesn’t have to worry about shipping or delivering products.  The customers are also able to enjoy FREE Shipping at least once per week on orders of $25.00 or more and AVON always offers FREE Shipping on orders of $40.00.

Did I mention if you sign up to sell AVON, you can earn $1,000.00 in 90 Days?

Contact me if you’d like to make extra money for the Holidays.

Did I mention you can SHOP with me 24/7?

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